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Be The Spark
Ignite Change in
the World

Our Vision &

Commitment to Change

Together We Can Create Love, Harmony and Compassion

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Be the change you wish to see in the world.

 Mahatma Gandhi

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Mother and Daughter Love

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Unconditional Kindness is at the heart of our movement. We challenge you to be the spark that ignites positive change in the world. On a piece of cardboard, write Be The Spark Movement  Unconditional Kindness Challenge. In this challenge, video yourself holding the sign.  Tell us Who taught you Unconditional Kindness, Who has shown your Unconditional Kindness, and How you spread Unconditional Kimdness in the world.  Then Thank the Person that has shown you Unconditional Kindness and ask them to complete the challenge to keep it goin. Tag us on social media so we can share in your gratitude. Together, we can make a difference. Join the Be the Spark Movement




Join Our Movement

Be The Spark

Ignite Change in the World

Image by Wylly Suhendra
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