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Looking Through the Filters of Your Life

I took two pictures of the same sunset.  The first one, I shot straight with no filter.  The second, I used a darker filter. The differences in the pictures were dramatic.

Looking at these photos, it made me think about the way people look at life and the events that occur daily.  Their experiences in their life adds a filter to the views.  What one person sees as light and hope, may set off anxiety and fear in another. 

Recognizing the discrepancies between experiences and reactions of each of us, can help us be more compassionate to each other.   Everyone has experienced some kind of trauma in their lives.  Everyone has experienced some joy in their lives.  The number and intensity of these events color our lives and bring us to our current selves. How can we judge someone when we have not endured their  personal journey? It is impossible to see through another's eyes. 

So in this time of turmoil, disorder and controversy, it is imperative that we acknowledge the different filters that line the eyes and hearts of each of us.  Choose your filters carefully and allow your expression to be lined in love and compassion.  We can all be the light of clarity that can help to remove the darkness from our world.  

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