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Unconditional Love

What do you know about unconditional love?  By definition, it is an adoration of someone, without limitations.  We know our parents should love us like this.  I know mine do! And I feel extremely blessed by their love and them teaching me what it means to be there for someone through any thing they are dealing with or celebrating.  It is just what you do!

Unconditional love feels safe, warm and reassuring no matter what happens in your life.  This kind of devotion is there when you are happy, sad, celebrating, angry, frustrated and completely lost. Anyone can give you this kind of security and shelter in your life.  You can, also, offer it to anyone.  It does not have to be romantic love.  Parenthood, friendship and pet love can be one of the truest forms of unconditional love. 

When you have this, you will know it, you will feel it, you can see it by looking at the person or the pet who is offering you such a gift.  When you look into their eyes, it will engulf you and warm you to your soul.  

Knowing that you have that place to go when you need a hug, a smile or a shoulder to cry on, is like a security blanket on a cold, stormy night.  When you are struggling through a harsh life lesson, you have someone to turn to, curl up beside and cry your eyes out to, if need be.  We need to receive and to give such of ourselves.  Everyone needs at least one person that they know will pick them up, dust them off and wrap their arms around them at their lowest point.

Do you give your unconditional love?  Are you there for someone or many when they need you the most?  Are you able to drop what you are doing and reach out to that friend or family member and say, " I am here, no matter what!"?  It has no equivalent.  If someone to whom you give unconditional love is sick, or hurt, you are their to help them heal.  Are they graduating with a degree?  Are you there to celebrate with them and be proud of them for all they have achieved?  Heartache?  Yes, you are there to listen and hug and hold their hand through it all!  

These are emotions that children and animals inherently know.  We seem to lose our ability to be totally unconditionally loving as we get bent by the world with hardships and struggles.  Children can say they are sorry and hug you and make the entire world a better place.  A dog can lick your tears away and stay by your side as you wallow in self pity, fear and bitterness.  

We all have the ability to love unconditionally, with limitations.  Sometimes it gets buried in the muck of life and hurt, but it is there, deep in all of us!  And with that, the ability to be loved unconditionally.  

Just because we are able to give it does not mean that we have received it.  And just because we have received it, does not mean that we have given it.  But to children and animals, they just allow it in and feel it and share it.  

Are we brave enough, as adults, to allow someone into our very souls?  Are we selfless with our love and give it freely?  Do we give just a little and then want it back if a muddy path lies before us or the one we are supposed to be there for?  Do we run from drama, because it is not worth our time, or are you scared the drama is contagious? Does the person that needs you most deserve your love regardless of their situation?  Because we tend to be selfish in our love, we create walls and obstacles to keep out the drama and things that really require feeling.  But if we lose the ability to feel, we lose our humanity.  Reaching out, giving and being generous with your love nurtures your heart and soul, opening you up for an abundance of love, compassion and attachment which can spread to the world.

Look into the eyes of my babies, who are now grown,

and my loyal German Shepherd, Jax.  They know nothing but love, loyalty and faith for me standing in front of them.  Completely, unrelenting, wholesome, selfless love.  What a gift I am receiving, just looking at these photos. I pray each of you knows at least one person or pet that can give you unconditional love and you can give it back to them.  The possibilities are limitlessly!

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