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I have written many times about fear and anger. Witnessing the demise of our world, while trying to live a positive life is a constant struggle, so I understand why so many of our fellow humans are in a dark and fearful place.

From my point of view, I see the infamous “They” are after power and control, and have no desire to lead the world into peace, abundance, unity and love. In order to hold power, “They” have created a mindset, a narrative, a story around scarcity, or my word, “scare”city. When you ingrain scarcity into humans, it creates fear, survival mode and selfishness. Scarcity divides people into the haves and have nots, the worthy and unworthy and the selfish and selfless. People become scared that they will not have the essentials needed in life and become very much about their needs and only their needs, trampling others to get what they desire.

It started with Covid. Because of the fear of the virus, people hoarded toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies. Even though it is valid to need these items, it is not necessary to have all the toilet paper stored in your garage and your neighbor have none. In turn, this caused anger and vicious disagreements in stores, because, somehow, one person’s need of these supplies, out weighed another’s need for the supplies. Then there was the price gouging and/or the hoarding and making money off of things like insulin needles. No one was working, money was tight and the availability declined as costs of basic needs sky rocketed. This behavior that we all witnessed, should wake us up to the present human condition.

Recently, we have seen the cost of lumber, building supplies, and gas begin to reach new highs. An April 27, 2021 CNN article, ( predicted the gas shortage and the fear began to set in around not having gas. Just planting a seed of scarcity begins to perpetuate the mindset, and put people on high alert for their needs. Have you seen the pictures of people putting gas in 5 gallon buckets, storage totes and even plastic bags, for crying out loud!? It is mind boggling what the human race will resort to when they are threatened by scarcity. It truly turns into “scare”city.

Lately, also, there is a shortage of cat food. Shelves are barely stocked with wet cat food. I am not even sure why this is a thing. And my Moxie, the chunky Siamese, is freaking out too!

And then there is the shortage of Chick-fil-a sauces, Now when you mess with people’s Chick-fil-a, there is some serious chaos about the emerge.

But seriously, in this article,, CNN reports a multitude of high demand items, lumber, metals, gas, computer chips, chicken and even ketchup, that have been always in high demand, deemed as experiencing shortages and, of course, sky rocketing prices. Ladies and gentlemen, and this is just in the United States.

Let us venture further into our world, where war and heightened tensions are even more prevalent. Those in power, I assure you, are doing just fine. However, in this UN article,, millions are struggling to eat and have sufficient nourishment to live a vibrant and healthy life. It is one thing to be out of ketchup, and as Americans, people can get angry about such little inconveniences. But we are talking starvation, for mostly women and children. This is not just frightful, sad and heart wrenching, it is pathetic. This world has an abundance of resources and technology to grow food and get it to people in need. As we fuss and fight over toilet paper, there are people who do not have a piece of bread or an apple. Put that in perspective.

As the powers that be, the infamous “They,” continue to fuel us with scarcity, do we truly want to live in “scare”city. When people feel that their comforts and basic needs are threatening, it creates chaos, fear, anger and perpetuates violence, division and loss of control. Our world is already so polarized by politics, racial discord, misunderstandings, lies, selfishness and anger, do we need to add lack of basic needs to this mixture.

In turn, when people are in the state of lack and fear, they are easier to control, not be lead, but to be controlled. In such a reactive state of being, humans are likely to reach for anything that might offer them a little comfort, peace of mind or balance. Keeping the world in upheaval, while creating questionable narratives to command the population, is deceitful and manipulative.

Do you recall the quote, “United we stand. Divided we fall?” Sit with that a minute…

Can we shift our mindset to abundance? Abundance of resources, food, love, wisdom, hope and human spirit, will be the salvation of this world. When we operate in abundance, we leave fear behind. We are more likely to be charitable, compassionate, kind, organized and giving. For most of us, especially in the United States, we have more than enough. Most do not face such dire circumstances that will leave us starving on the side of the road. So please let these thoughts resonate with you today. Have gratitude for all that you already have. Be kind and considerate in the gas station line. Do not take all the toilet paper in the grocery store. Take what you need and leave some for the next person. Approach the Chick-fil-a line with the thought that a little ketchup will be just fine today, because the world is a more gentle place, when everyone has a little ketchup. In your abundance, buy a few extra items at the grocery store and donate them to a shelter. Pray for and do what you can to send love, light, food, etc, to those who are truly in a places where scarcity is all too real, on a daily basis. Operate from a place of love and compassion, abundance and charity. Truly evaluate your life, your situation and your blessings, and release the “scare”city mindset to help bring peace, unity and love to this world. It is up to you. It is up to me. One breath at a time. One day at a time.

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